On Choice: It’s a woman’s decision.  She knows her health and unique situation better than anyone else.  She has the most at stake.

Congress does not have the knowledge or consequences to be involved. Institutions as inherently dysfunctional as the federal and state legislatures cannot possibly have the insight, empathy, or wisdom necessary to dictate the outcome on this most personal circumstance of a woman.

Finally, the courts are too slow and public to be a decision forum when time and privacy are the most important.  Here also, a judge is unlikely to have any medical expertise. A judge’s decision cannot be better than one made by a woman who is closest to the matter.

A woman bears the burdens; it’s her choice.  I trust her judgment.

On Same Sex Marriage: If two same-sex persons make a life commitment to care for each other, then I support the law that gives them the right to publicly honor each other with marriage.