I have served with Hispanics in the Army and have had dozens as clients.  They are hard workers who take care of their families and heroically serve our country.  A robust immigration policy would help the Kansas economy grow when these hard workers become employed by our businesses. State revenues would increase as more payroll taxes would be paid into the treasury.

Several presidents have botched border security.  And many Congresses have dodged their constitutional responsibilities regarding immigration. Due to these failures, we are beyond the point where mass deportation is the answer. According to estimates by law enforcement and the Census Bureau, there are 11 million undocumented immigrants.  The United States government does not have the resources or public support to carry out a deportation program dealing with all these people.

Amnesty is not necessary. My solution is to establish special immigration facilities in northern Mexico to process those who want to apply for legal status. Those here illegally can return to that country and then reenter in accordance with US law. The reward will be a path to full citizenship. The charge will be about $4,000 per person.  This will cover the costs of processing, security, and facilities.  For those undocumented who avoid applying for citizenship, they will not be eligible for the privileges and immunities granted to those who comply with immigration laws.

I have spoken with an advocate for Mexican immigrants. She believed this program would work and would be accepted by the Hispanic community. The American people will also support this plan as it provides a way forward that solves the problem.

The program would probably take six years to complete. In the interim, our government must immediately halt drug smuggling and the trafficking of children across the Mexico border.  We must ensure the children, that are here, are cared for while they await return to their parents. Congress must address border enforcement including adequate funding for interdiction, fence construction, and protection of the trafficked children.