Patrick Wiesner has spent his entire professional life working with Federal law both as a tax attorney and an Army lawyer. He is ready for the Senate.

Family and Education

Patrick lives in Lawrence.  He grew up on a farm north of Ellis on the Trego County line.  In the 1870s, his ancestors immigrated to Kansas from Germany and Russia. He grew up with seven brothers and sisters.

All of Patrick’s education came from Kansas schools.  In 1974, he graduated from Ellis High School.  Prior to that, he received eight years of Catholic education at St. Mary’s Grade School.  Patrick received an Associate in Arts Degree, Colby Community College; a Bachelor of Science in Business in Accounting, Fort Hays State University; a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Fort Hays State University; a Master of Business Administration, Fort Hays State University; and a law degree from the University of Kansas.  After law school, he passed the Kansas and Missouri bar exams.

Patrick’s two children are college graduates.  His son, Frank, graduated with a computer science degree from Wichita State University; he works in Saint Louis, Missouri as a computer programmer in the aircraft industry. His daughter, Stephanie, graduated with a finance degree from Clemson University; she works in marketing and public relations for a large healthcare organization in the Kansas City area.

His children were raised in Lawrence.  Both attended Saint John’s Grade School, Southwest Junior High, and Lawrence High School.

Law and CPA Practice

Patrick operated a CPA practice in Hays until he started law school in 1989.  After law school, he opened a law practice in Overland Park.  Today, he is the owner of the firm Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC which operates a tax, bankruptcy, and business law practice serving eastern Kansas and metro Kansas City.  The firm solves tax and debt problems. He has had the honor to have worked with many fine federal and state judges, assistant US Attorneys, US Department of Justice lawyers, bankruptcy Trustees, and Internal Revenue Service Revenue Officers and Agents.  He has found them all to be outstanding public servants.

For almost 30 years, Patrick has counseled workers and businesses in solving tax problems.  This problem solving involves US Tax Court practice, devising payment plans, and negotiating settlements with the government.  He advises clients on tax planning and return preparation. When bankruptcy is the right option, Patrick represents his customers in Federal Court.

His work includes helping home owners.  Patrick has seen the problems caused by excessive home loans and government interference in these transactions.   He intends to change housing policy to emphasize building net worth in homes rather than taking on more debt.

Patrick is easy to get to know.  Within minutes after he first meets his clients, they are comfortable enough with him to talk about mistakes they made and the financial trouble they are in.

Military Service

In 2014, Patrick retired as a US Army Reserve Judge Advocate (the military term for attorney) with the rank of Major. He had over 21 years of military service, all as a reservist.

His military career started out by enlisting in the Naval Reserves as a disbursements clerk.  His assigned unit was Fleet Hospital 22 which had a home base in Kansas City, Missouri.  He served with the Navy for four years.

He joined the Army as a direct commission First Lieutenant with 326th Area Support Group in Kansas City, Kansas.  After three years, he transferred to the 8th Legal Support Organization (LSO) and assigned to the team at Fort Leavenworth.  This duty included travel throughout western Kansas working to prepare Army Reserve units (at Great Bend, Hays, Dodge City, and Salina) for deployments by drafting wills and powers of attorneys for soldiers and giving instructions of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, reemployment rights, and the law of war.  Patrick transferred from the 8th LSO to the 377th Theater Sustainment Command in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

As a military attorney, Patrick chose to specialize in government contract and fiscal law. He had taken every government contracting and fiscal law course offered by the US Army JAG School in Charlottesville, Virginia.  During his career, Major Wiesner served as the legal advisor on several Anti-Deficiency Act investigations and was appointed an investigating officer on another.

He has served on three one year-long deployments; twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. During his last deployment, he was Chief of Contract and Fiscal Law, United States Forces-Afghanistan. This involved leading the team of military attorneys to give quick legal opinions to the Commanders’ requests to spend appropriated funds on operations, communications, security, and construction. In his two Iraq deployments, he gave legal opinions on Army requests to use the Iraqi Security Forces Fund to train and equip the Iraqi army, police, and border patrol.

He is presently not on active duty. The mention of military rank and job title does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense